November 30, 2017

NYC Marijuana Doctor FAQ

Is medical marijuana legal in New York?

Yes! Since 2014, medical marijuana has been legal in New York for eligible patients with qualifying medical conditions. This followed decades of mounting scientific evidence that marijuana is an effective medication for people suffering from certain medical conditions with positive outcomes in the states that had already legalized it. With a strict process, New York now allows eligible patients to be treated with medical marijuana by a certified, medical marijuana health practitioner.

How do I go about getting medical marijuana?

Please see our Patient Information Page

I am in chronic pain stemming from a condition that’s not listed as one of the qualifying conditions. Do I still qualify?

Presently chronic pain is the most common condition for patients to obtain medical marijuana certification . These patients go through the same steps as all other patients, they must provide medical documentation of their chronic pain with progress notes and a recent EMG, with a list of their recent medications. This documentation will then be reviewed by our Health care staff. You will then be notified, within 72 hours, if you may be eligible for certification.

How often are follow-up appointments?

There will usually be an initial follow-up visit 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment. This is so the doctor can monitor the treatment and see if any changes need to be made regarding dosage. Following the initial follow-up, another follow-up won’t be needed for 6-8 months to a year.

Once I get my certification, where do I get the medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana can be purchased from a certified dispensary, click here to view a list of New York area dispensaries. We will recommend which dispensary is best for you based on where you live. Additionally, some of them do have home delivery.