Cannabis terpenes matter just as much as THC and CBD

Everyone interested in cannabis understands the distinction between indicas and sativas, but knowledge is lacking about what attributes make a strain relaxing or stimulating. Few understand why some strains help you sleep while others drive you into a flurry of creativity. Is it the percentage of THC? The THC:CBD ratio?

Study: Medical marijuana helped elderly with chronic pain and reduced opioid use

Folks over 75 who took medical marijuana report less pain, their use of pot-based capsules, tinctures and e-cigarettes allowed a third of these patients to reduce their use of opioid painkillers, researchers found. The study tracked 204 elderly patients who had been prescribed medical marijuana to deal with pain through New York state’s medical marijuana Read more about Study: Medical marijuana helped elderly with chronic pain and reduced opioid use[…]

Israeli study on Medical Cannabis and Autism

An Israeli clinic is experiencing encouraging results with the use of medical cannabis to treat children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to a safety and efficacy study. The two-year study, “Real Life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism; Analysis of Safety and Efficacy,” was conducted at the Soroka University Medical Center, which treats Read more about Israeli study on Medical Cannabis and Autism[…]

Marijuana research offers encouraging results for insomnia

Kanabo Research presented the results of its pre-clinical trial for insomnia and other sleep disorders. This study evaluated the efficacy of varying compositions of active ingredients in cannabis to induce sleep,. There was greater efficacy when all three cannabinoids(CBD, CBN, THC) and terpenes were present than when used singularly. When combined, even a small amount Read more about Marijuana research offers encouraging results for insomnia[…]

What Is CBN? Cannabinol Is Said To Help With Sleep

CBN, cannabis-derived compound that’s been linked to helping with sleep,is also being hailed as the next big thing in wellness. While CBD is more associated with general calming and relaxation effects, CBN is being incorporated into new products like oils and sublingual strips as way to assist in getting a better night’s sleep.

New York’s road to legal marijuana

New York officials are moving ahead with efforts to legalize recreational marijuana use. But they are running into a barrage of complicated issues that must be resolved if their end-of-March timetable to act is to be realized. Read more:

This skeptic tried CBD and became a believer

When I started hearing about people using CBD oil to treat every condition under the sun—from acne to anxiety—I had my usual reaction, which is to glance and move on. But the CBD trend turned out to have some staying power, and I started learning more about it outside of clickbait headlines.