Can Medical Marijuana Treat PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder, better known as PTSD, is a mental illness that occurs after a person has experienced a traumatic and scarring event. According to a VA report from 2012, 30% of veterans who have served in Afghanistan or Iraq suffer from PTSD.

Cannabis Study on Veterans and PTSD

After nearly a decade, the first American study to determine the medical benefits of cannabis in treating post-traumatic stress disorder is nearing completion. Dr. Sue Sisley and the Scottsdale Research Institute need only approve five more patients by mid-October to hit their goal of 76 trials.

Baby Boomers turning to cannabis as a medicine

While Millennials and Gen-Xers make up a good chunk of the cannabis market, Baby Boomers are consuming marijuana more frequently than ever before, according to a report published in June. According to study examining patterns of cannabis consumption among Americans aged 50 and older, use increased more than 70 percent between 2006 and 2013.

Demand for N.J. medical marijuana is exploding

Adding chronic pain and anxiety to the list of qualifying conditions has expand New Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program, according to health department data. Of the roughly 11,000 patients who have joined since the beginning of the Murphy Administration, 7,700 have one of the new conditions added on March 26.

Israeli Parliament Decriminalizes Cannabis Possession

Israel’s parliament, known as the Knesset, approved a bill to decriminalize the possession of cannabis in a vote of 41-1. The new law, which goes into effect on April 1, 2019, will replace criminal charges and jail time as a punishment for cannabis possession with fines for first-time offense.

Bill in assembly would expand the number of marijuana dispensaries in New York

The list of qualifying conditions for those who use medical marijuana has expanded, but the number of dispensaries have not. Right now there are only 22 active dispensaries across the state. A bill right now in the Assembly and Senate would expand the number of dispensaries allowed in the state. Currently, the bill has not Read more about Bill in assembly would expand the number of marijuana dispensaries in New York[…]